It tickles.

28 10 2013

It tickles inside, it is all compressed

I try to let it all out, and I do, but it´s like it will never end.

It ticles so hard in my stomach in my fingers and toes.

The crave of smelling your hair. The need to see your smile.

It tickles everywhere. The simple thought of imagining you there, it tickles.

Makes me wanna just grab you while traveling  in a time machine.

Spin around the stories we never told anyone. Spin fast, fast, and even faster.

The urge of calling your name, the sound in my throat. It scrapes my veins mixing my blood with nostalgia.

Spin, spin so fast and stop just to see your eyes. And it tickles inside.

The kisses I never gave you, The hugs I got away from. It tickles as if I still wanted them, and I do. It tickles some times.





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