Long distance relationships are fair

25 01 2013


Long distance relationships are fair. You know, I am always looking for the bright side, and just found out that my long distance relationship is fair enough. I mean, there is no way to generalize, I know it is arguable.

I was thinking today about how lucky I am. I finally found a job that I like, that I enjoy, and that I am starting to love. I will make sure I write about it later on, because it is definitely worth to talk about. Also, I have found my family to be great! My mom loveeees taking care of me, she really does. She cooks for me all the time! And my dad is always there whenever I want to talk to someone. My sister is just amazing, she will always be my best friend, and my brother… Well, that is another story.

So, I got a good job, my family is great, and the best thing out of all, is that my love and I finally met each other. Our second year anniversary was a couple of days ago, and I could not be happier about it.

You know, you cannot have it all. It is important to have a balance on everything. We see it on nature the whole time. You just have to go outside to see it by yourself. There is no too much green on a tree, you will see different shades, and even other colours like gray, or yellow. You wont always see the sky completely clear, there is a sun up there, and clouds, and if you are lucky enough you will see birds flying around.

All I am saying is that anything is perfect to our eyes, but in the end, everything IS perfect. Everything works the way it is supposed to work, and by that, I am not saying we have to accept whatever happens around. What I am saying is that everything has its own balance, that might be hard to understand sometimes, but nature is never mistaken, nature just reacts according to the circumstances, and that is just… beautiful.

It is like a machine, time and space are just you know, they are just tools. Tools that are used to perform situations and action.

All I am saying is that it is okay… It is okay. It is okay if the love of my life is a thousand miles away from me. It is okay to be so far. It is okay if I cannot kiss you anytime that I want. It is okay, because it all works. Things will always work.





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