10 10 2012

Bamb! There it is, that tiny thin inside you core that just does not fit. There it is, whatever moves around as smooth as the background music. Bamb! There it is to remind you there is something you still gotta work on. 

All I wonder is, what the hell is it? I feel sorry because I do not know what it is, so I have not been able to really work on it. It is a shame not to know, and to know at the same time. 


There it is, and you feel it because you feel outside your body, like if you were not being yourself. You feel like there is something inside that cracks everytime you want to keep moving on. 


I thik that what Sócrates meant when he said: “this is too complicated, and life is too short” was that we should pay attention to those little things, because probably we wont ever totally understand them. Probably what he want was that we should live the life, and enjoy it as it is too short it can go anytime, anywhere. The art of forget is something it is hard for everyone. 


The art of forget when we are hurt, when they do wrong to you, when they laugh at you, when they just shows indifference towards you… That you cannot foget, but it is exactly that what you should forget. That is not real in the end… What you feel after that is not real either.. Choose your feelings, choose  the ones you want to stay with. 





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