Good enough

4 02 2009

Today is the kind of days when the wind is colder, mornings are boring, afternoons never end and the nights are without rest. The kind of days when songs get more sad.  When I think  i have lost everything..

The kind of days where friends seem to be gone, when nobody is near to hear you, when you dont get any text message at all eigther. These days when old love letters appear to remind you that now, you are alone. Love letters that remind you how lost you are, how nice you used to be, how cool was to have someone who takes care you, how wonderful were those days and how different they are now..

The days when the things that you have learned doesnt seem that important as yersterday, when the hours are so long and you dont have nothing to do at all…

The days when I start wondering how you have been. When I start imagining your days at school, your friends and you uniform. The days when I start wondering if you really loved me, if  you really do, and if it hurts to you the same as it hurts to me.

The days when everything is going perfect, good at school, good days at home, fun moments with friends, a crush with a stranger, healthy food, good shape, good work, good mood… I mean, everything is  good enough.

But the magic is not here today, the magic is not in those days. The days when you cant even feel yourself at morning. The days when there is a hole somewhere in you.

The days when I miss your love, the days when I miss your hugs and your charm. The kind of days when I feel lonely, with nobody, and the days when i dont wanna be with anyone at all eigther.

and today.. I already miss you.


Concentric chaos





3 responses

10 02 2009

sabes, despues te digo en msn como reaccione al leer esto, pero HOY mas q cualquier otro dia en mi vida me he sentido asi, tal cual lo describis, para ser de pocas palabras:

life’s shit for me, these days, the gray days…

realmente, pero realmente necesito un abrazo! ):

te quiero maite!

11 02 2009

ouuh.. send u hugs honey 😦
hablamos en el msn luego, y bueno espero q podamos compartir un cafe y hablar.. tomaremos latte ok ^^ tu favorito.
i need some “apapacho” too.. ^^!! haha

11 02 2009

hoy me tome un latte y me acorde de vos! (:


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