I wonder

10 12 2008

I wonder if at night u think of me… just like me
I wonder if when u see   yourself..you think of me.. just like me..
just like me that while seing my hands.. for a bizarre reason.. I think of  you.. When i realize myself sitting.. walking, making any stuff like eating or even here at the computer.. I think of you.

I wonder if you are doing right.. I wonder if the night that i called you.. you where having fun with your friends singing or playing bkb..

Hey babe.. I wonder.. I really wonder if.. we are..

Things have happened to me.. many things.. I´ve changed, I´ve learned.. and i am afraid of this dream that im living.. ´cause at the end i dont wanna realize that for sure.. it was or it is just a dream…

Have u been doing right?… I miss you.. day after day..

When i see myself walking.. i think of u like a part of me.. just like if  u where next to me..

I wonder if u feel.. just like me..




2 responses

10 12 2008

sabes aveces me soprendes.. por que escribes..
muchas veces o la mayoria ..
justo lo que yo siento..
haha recuerdas..
lo de alma gemela haha.. ^^

bueno me encanto leer esto..
y me identifique mucho..
sigo pensando que el amor es una extraña sensacion..
que no todos logramos cuidar..

besos para ti princesa.. ^^

10 12 2008

n.n.. cierto..
soul mate..
te quiero jazcita (:


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