Maite traveling overseas <3

2 09 2008

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Maite, she was really interested in Japan. She was  always trying to get involve by reading and  watching  movies he he.. but one day she realized that it wasn´t enough. She wanted to get in touch with a real japanese girl. She dreamed about a girl who could teach her all the things about the culture and the beautiful things that she has seen in magazines and television..

So she started looking in hi5.. She looked up many people, but they were not what she was really looking for. When Maite was about to get tired, she found her…

Her name was Remy.

Maite sent her a message with the hope that remy could answer it. And she did.. Maite and Remy started talking by messages, almost everyday. Maite was really grateful and happy about that, ´cuz at first she knew that Remy was the sweetest japanese girl…

Time passed, and they became nice friends… They were chatting almost everyday for hours. Remy was so fun, open mind and kind that was so easy to Maite to get closer to her.

One day, Maite recieved something special. A letter from Remy! she was on vacation in Italy! and without thinking twice, Maite sent a letter for her too.. It became a tradition, on christmast or in vacations they were in comunication by letters. For Maite it was so nice to wake up and find a letter from Remy next to her.

Maite and Remy are still nice friends. Maite is so glad to be, in a way, part of her life. Actually they dont chat that often.. but  Remy is always in Maite´s heart.

One of Maite´s dream is to meet Remy, Maite will travel to Japan just to meet her. Probably Maite and Remy get drunk… but I will carry enough money to make it real ;).. loveee uu remy chann!!





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