To me…

27 08 2008

-So unreal… as always.. it is just my imagination
– building castles in the air
– creating a rainbow
– as a crazy scientist
– so beautiful, just as the sky above me
as weird… as my silence
past comes to me, just to remind that i´ve already forgotten about it..
past comes to me.. knocking my door.. outside waiting.. just to see how things are going to me..

Present is untrue, unsave, sweet and kind… present is unknown, present cant wait.. I cant wait.
Present was uninvited, present has come as quite as my favorite song.
Confusion about it… cause i dont really know what to do.. present has changed so many things… but it doesnt matter… cause i dont wanna live forever… i wanna live today…
I just wanna joy the sweet moments u give me… wanna be free. wanna see u again.

Wanna forget about feelings, about states… wanna fly outside my mind and wanna be “dreaming my dreams with you”(8) wanna fall sleep and wake up as long as you could be near…
Wanna say so many things… Wishing night couldnt be so long.. so cold. Wishing you, me.. could be free from ourselves.. from our fears and tears. Iam outside ur jail, but please… stop it! I wont get tired but… I wanna see u fly, as long as u get freedom i dont care about anything else… I´ll always gonna be there.. here.





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