Home [just say it]

25 08 2008

It was written “long time ago” yesterday? last moth? a second ago? who knows..

Where am I today? Am i far away from i´ve been..?
At home, I felt secure, but i cant carry h ome with me..
´cause home.. is home.
What should I do?
seems like the wheels of my house are already gone
why do i keep running away?
House has gotten deeper, darker, sweeter.
but.. there is someone calling me from somewhere aoutside.. i hear it
should I left home?
is it really home?
´cause I thought home was a place where you are always welcome.
I thought it was a place where i can lai and sleep for a while,
dreaming and living.
So then…why do i feel like if I go I could never come back?
Dont wanna find out that I´ve been mistaken for so long.
After so many things and colors that w have share…
should i go?
shal you hear reasons and explanations?
are they gonna work?..am i gonna work kind of far from you?
´cause i have left a couple of times a second ago
and i felt like was not mine… my home
i felt like a stranger in a weird, bizarre house.
so tell me… am i really home…
where are you? did i left home? or did you?
come on.. tell me…
if you can be with me. If you can be with me..
if the weather will be changing our world.
if the sky above us will be the only thing in comun between us.
come on.. tell me..
just say it..
wont stop you..
u were not mine, you are not mine…
just say it…





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